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    Too Many things to do and to see in Gran Canaria

    depending on your interests.
    We are sure that you can find a lot of things to do here on the canary island!
    The list would and is ungoing! As every day new activities and tours are being added on all locations of Gran Canaria.

    A lot of websites have the top 50 40 30 20 10 things to do on grand canaria,
    so we here at GranCanariaBoatTrips want to do it differently and so we decided
    to instead of doing a list,
    we rather tell you through our experiences that have been actually doing those things.

    If instead you want to see the best boat trips in gran canaria and most searched too.

    First we will tackle all the places in Gran Canaria where you can find things to do and what to see.
    later you can use the geolocalization feature to “find things to do near me” or “things to see near me in gran canaria”
    so we will list the experiences and break down the things to do in the next zones of gran can aria.

    What to see or to do in The South of the Island.

    The South of the canary island gran canaria can be divided in the next touristic areas and how crazy it may seams,
    due to the microclimate gran canaria offers you will find temperature changen even if its just 5km away!

    What to see or to do in Playa Del Ingles

    The most iconic tourist area , with a incredible sandbeach that stretches untill Meloneras passing the dunes of Maspalomas. Shopping Centers,NightLife,Restaurants,Bars,Casinos the Hard Rock Cafe and all famous brands are located in this south area of the canary island grand canarias Lets tackle the different shopping centers in Playa del ingles and we will also leave the link to the respective shopping center community websites for if you want or need more information.

    Yumbo center

    this shopping center is iconic as it is also the gay center of gran canaria. Being a nomal shopping center during day time at night when all the gay bars and clubs opens you will see the center filling up with being the mayority gays and lesbians etc Also the famous gay pride takes price at the Yumbo Center

    What people are saying


    If you looking for lively nightlife , Kasbah is your place. With Plaza center incorporated (currently in reconstruction untill further notice) it has over 200 different bars and pubs and night clubs.


    Currently renovating


    Specially for the german tourists


    One of the oldest and most embematic shopping center home to the german tourists and also in less dutch tourists has seen a decadence since the pandemic and now is rising again but needs a renovation! Also here is the cannabis association club is located here in cita shopping center playa del ingles

    Gran Chaparral

    A shopping center with dutch bars and restaurants as well as british bars pubs and restaurants. Whenever theres a football match we recommend watching it there if thats your thing offcourse you will find many supporters also the dutch frikandellen speciaal en kroketten are worth a bite when you are there or their famous satee saus . And after a heavy night a nice english breakfast will get you fixed up for the day!

    Alquila Roja

    Irish center with irish bars such as mulligans bar, flanagans and more. Really nice for a good night out with many bars offering live music.

    Parque Tropical

    This is a small shopping center but strategic point as theres a bus station there. As its a meeting poiint also for most excursions and activities pickup LINK Supermarkets and some shops can be found here as well as some bars and restaurants also the beach is behind there so many people park and get stuff here

    Faro 2 Maspalomas

    This Shopping center has been closed and only has we believe at this moment behind the supermarket and some bars and restaurants out of the center open. This is previsted to remodel and we are awating what they going to build there speculations are a corte ingles shopping center which currently you need to go to las palmas for visitng and shopping and buying products from this famous brand. What definitly is atractive is their money back policy if something doesnt work they give you directly a new one.
    Great for buying tvs or electric stuff if you are resident here.
    Any way Holiday World Maspalomas is next to it!

    Beaches of Playa del Ingles

    As for the beaches of Playa del ingles you can read more in depth here about all the beaches from gran canaria. The biggest beach is at the boulevard.

    Anexo II

    With one of the longest boulevards at the beach ive seen in my life full of bars, restaurants, shops, arcade and gambling locals.

    playa las burras

    Pasito Blanco beach

    Public beach at a private restricted area and harbour marina with a yachtclub and incredible yachts moored. Only an option for people with bigger pockets

    Excursions , Trips and Activities to do in playa del ingles

    Offcourse first Find our boat trips from playa del ingles.
    or if you want to rent a yacht from playa del ingles or rent a jet ski from playa del ingles.
    If you like heights try Parasailing. Just so you understand there is no harbour in playa del ingles but the closest harbour is pasito blanco.
    Also all boat trips go navigating direction south so you will never see any boat tours from the beaches in playa del ingles.

    If you want to see Gran Canaria from inside we recommend to do a Jeep Safari.

    One of the greatest things so see would be the volcanic rock "Roque Nublo". at 2200 meters height and formed over 4 million years ago!
    It also snows there in February and March and you can go there for a hot chocolate and throw some snowballs!
    This is situated in Tejeda.

    as for hiking there this website sais :"Now, one of the shortest hikes is around 3-miles (4.2 km, approximately). Just make sure to take some good shoes as it does involve a little scramble/climb at some points. That being said, it’s not a difficult hike, just very uneven at times so be prepared. Oh yeah, and don’t wear flip flops… trust me on that one! " Gran Canaria Jeep Safari.
    Because GranCanariaJeepSafari is a sister company of us we offer 10% discount on any tour purchased if you bought a boat trip from us.
    So make sure to check that out!And get big discounts when booking with us for other activities and things to do in Gran Canaria.

    if you are looking for adrenaline experiences why not try a buggy tour!
    Gran Canaria Buggy Tours.

    if its horseriding you want go here Gran Canaria Horse Riding Tours.
    Gran Canaria Camel Safari is one of the great activities you can do here

    The Famous Water Park AquaLand

    Enjoy a great day out at the water park here in gran canaria.
    A day full of adrenaline, fun is guaranteed when going on a few of the many tobogan attraction the waterpark offers.
    Different thematics for all size of ages and you will be thrilled untill the ring bells as aqua land maspalomas water park closes its doors! No worries you can go again tomorrow!


    Meloneras is the newest touristic area of the south of the island and is considered the “elite area of the island” With expensive shops and 2 shopping centers in the heart of Meloneras surrounded by lopesans famous costa meloneras and other 5 star hotels ,Hollywood allready found that years ago and made films such like Wild Oats where shot and filmed there. We recommend you to watch that movie! If you are looking for things to visit and see in Meloneras dont forget to check out the famous faro of maspalomas , which is a museum now and has a shopping center open roof next to it with bars , restaurants next to it. Situated directly at the beach this is considered the most expensive shopping center on the island with rents varying between 20000 and 30000 euros a month! With the covid a lot of shops went sadly out of business there but theres allways sharks taking advantage of that and seize their opportunities. Also windsurfers are to be found there at the beach of faro maspalomas as there is a perfect spot where the waves break and locals and tourists go there for this fun actitivity If you like surfing,windsurfing,kitesurfing or bodyboarding or paddle surf make sure to keep reading to find out the best website to book your lessions or boards. Also lately with the bycicles roads being added and renovated it is pretty nice and relaxing to rent a bycicle or electric scooter and make a nice ride by the beach with incredible views and stop for a nice coffee or snack or dinner at one of the many options Meloneras has to offer. Also Pasito Blanco is next to Meloneras so make sure to check out the boat trips departing from Pasito Blanco if you are staying at Meloneras and dont want to sit in the bus to long or travel time. Also this cosmopolitan area has a lot to offer for such a small space! Casino Meloneras. Do you like to take a gamble or have a great night with hopefully ending it with more money then you started the evening this is your place. Theres a mini casino with slots at the entrance where you dont require ID ,only when you want to pass to the roulette and blackjack tables you need to show your ID There is also a restaurant inside that we recommend especially the rumbsteak accompanied with red whine from riberadeldueros “lagrima negra” Yam, great! Number 36 pair Red BINGO! Also Golf course is spectaculair with views to the ocean and shopping center Meloneras. Which at this moment Is a shopping center for the night life as the Famous nigh club AQUA OCEAN CLUB is situated there.


    Maspalomas has the incredible dunes and spaces to walk and have incredible views, nature protected areas , golf courses and MASPALOMAS HOLIDAY WORLD

    San agustin

    Also home to most scandinavions but also lots of germans and swisse and austrians due to the gloria palace san agustin hotel and also from outside of europe thanks to tamarindos hotel where formerly there was a casino.

    Secret gem beach read further……

    behind the shopping center passing don gregory hotel you will find a small entry that goes down to a beach! yes you found it theres a restaurant with espectacular seaviews perfect for a romantic or family dinner or lunch.
    Only when its windy we dont recommend it especially not eating there for obvious reasons!

    Bahia Feliz

    Home to the swedish tourists its a little paradise and world initself.


    fishers village and loved by the scandinavian , this village has seen incredible growth thanks to the scandivanians, sweden in particular but danmark , norway and not least finland and iceland residents are easy to find there with even a scandinavian church its perfect for going to special local treats if you are scandinavian or talk with people from your own country if thats what you like,close to beaches like anfi del mar and the most incredible beach amadores which is a must go for everyone that comes to gran canaria. Its an artificial beach and looks like your in paradise ,also the famous spanish football player luis silva invested a significant amount. A beach club has been created next to it called MAROA which is perfect for groups and companies and hen and stag parties for thematic dinners ,lunches and cocktains and reunions etc. Contact us for boat trips that connects with MAROA to eat and back on the boat to carry on!

    Puerto Rico

    Many confuses Puerto rico with San Juan but its in gran canaria too! We even got bookings from san juan puerto rico thinking the boat party in gran canaria is in san juan! It is a touristic area with a mayority of britanic tourists. once with a big crazy shopping center with life of it own inside,really with all kinds of bazars shops pubs discos night clubs everything! now they are renovating the whole shopping center and recently MOGAN MALL shopping center has been added along with a new spar supermarket with a great bar added . This supermarket is the biggest we seen with soo many different and exclusive items that if you want something special theres the place to get it!


    Has a great family waterpark next to the beach and a life around it with bars and restaurants it also has a watersports center on the beach where you can rent jetskis and do other waterports activites such as parasailing,flyboardig,donuts , combos and much more!

    Puerto de Mogan

    Also called the “little venecia” of gran canaria due to its pitoresk and canal at the heart of the beach. With great connections for buses now also now theres a highway where before you would need one hour with the car and traffic jams now you can go directly to this beautifull touristic area most south of gran canaria. Remember gran canaria has a microclimate and this area is where it only rains once every 2 years and has the most hottests temperatures on the island gran canaria.

    Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

    Triana is the most cultural and architecture old town of the capital in gran canaria. Also in the summer its cloudy there due to the “panza del burro” famous expression for this weather phenomenon in this great canary island gran canaria. Recently Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck where there spotted as they where shooting a film there. So be prepared to meet all kinds of tourists when you pass the streets if you pay attention you might catch someone famous Poema del Mar aquarium the biggest sea aquarium of Spain from the family of loro parque tenerife opened this and is a great activity to see and to do with your family,friends or beloved ones.

    Solo travellers offcourse as well!! Which are very famous here in gran canaria!

    Why would i visit Gran Canaria

    What are the best boat trips in Gran Canaria?

    What is the best time to go to Gran Canaria?

    Where is the most action in Gran Canaria?

    What are the most emblematic points to visit in Gran Canaria?

    Daily Catamaran Dolphin spotting Cruise


    6.579 total

    Daily Catamaran Dolphin spotting Cruise


     Free bar & Free lunch
     Free Bus transport & Dolphin search
     Snorkeling & banana boat
     Volcanic Cave visits , Amadores, Tauro, Taurito, Mogan & Perchel.

    Book Now
    Private Charter Catamaran trip


    6.012 total

    Private Charter Catamaran trip


     Free bar & Free food Tropical Fruits
     Free Bus transport & Dolphin search, snorkeling & banana boat
     Submarine views & fishing , snorkeling & banana boat
     Volcanic Cave visits , Amadores, Tauro, Taurito, Mogan & Perchel.

    Book Now
    Catamaran Boat Party


    5.801 total

    Catamaran Boat Party


     Free bar & Free food
     Gran Canaria Boat Party  Free Bus transport & the best D.Js
     Jacuzzi & Catamaran luxe 5 stars
     Volcanic Cave visits , Amadores, Tauro, Taurito, Mogan & Perchel.

    Book Now
    Pirate Boat Party


    5.554 total

    Pirate Boat Party


     Exclusive Pirate Show.
     Free Bus transport.
     Games and entertainment for adults and children.
     Enjoy swimming, snorkeling or with discounted prices try jetski or parasailing.

    Book Now
    Dolphin Playa Catamaran


    4.667 total

    Dolphin Playa Catamaran

    special offer

     Free bar in beer,coctail & softdrinks & water
     Bus transport from hotel to harbour and back
     Complete Lunch.
     Snorkeling and Bananaboat included.

    Book Now
    Jet Ski Safari Adventure


    4.214 total

    Jet Ski Safari Adventure


     Available in a variety of durations in Minutes.
     Free Bus transport.
     Dvd / Pictures Available.
     Volcanic Cave visits , Amadores, Tauro, Taurito, Mogan & Perchel.

    Book Now
    Exciting Parasailing experience


    3.332 total

    Exciting Parasailing experience


     Available in a variety of durations in Minutes.
     Free Bus transport.
     Dvd or Pictures of you in action are being taken more(*).
     Rise 140 meters above the sea level and have great views.

    Book Now
    Discover Scuba Diving


    2.229 total

    Discover Scuba Diving


     Learn Diving in the ideal conditions of Gran Canaria
     dive in safe conditions with an expert instructor
     Free video included, only small groups
     Theory and action  No experience required, personal attention.

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    Open Water Level 1


    2.003 total

    Open Water Level 1


     Dive in the ocean of Gran Canaria
     dive in safe conditions with an expert instructor
     Improve your skills if you’re already an experience diver
     Theory and action  Certification required.

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