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    Bryde's Whale :: Whale Species in Gran Canaria

    The Bryde's whale can be seen at some distance from the coast of Gran Canaria.

    The name is pronounced "broo-dess," after Johan Bryde ("broo-dess") who helped establish the first whaling factory in South Africa at the beginning of the twentieth century.
    The Bryde's whale can be identified by the three ridges running parallel on its head and by the forty to seventy pleats on its throat which enables its mouth to expand when feeding.

    The Bryde's whale has a slim, blue-grey body with a dorsal fin shaped like a sickle.
    The broad, distinctive tail fluke is hardly ever seen above the surface.
    The body is often covered with scars caused by cookie-cutter sharks or parasites.

    It will often blow four to seven thin, hazy spouts before diving.

    Because of its curious nature, you may see one checking you out by approaching or swimming alongside your boat.

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    Bryde's Whale :: Whale Species in Gran Canaria

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