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    Rough-toothed Dolphin :: Dolphin Species in Gran Canaria

    The rough-toothed dolphin resides off Gran Canaria,

    so you are very likely to spot it.
    It’s quite primitive-looking, getting its name from the odd way its teeth are constructed.
    These teeth are covered with fine vertical wrinkles, but these are not visible on live animals at sea.

    However, it may be identified by its pale pink beak tip, and its lips can be white.

    The rough-toothed dolphin has a bit of a rough life, often carrying scratches, scars, and other evidence on its body of dangerous meetings with cookie-cutter sharks.

    It has relatively large eyes, and these, combined with the narrow head and long, dark, powerful body give it a somewhat reptilian aspect.

    Several individuals tend to swim together shoulder-to-shoulder with the tip of the beak and chin out of the water.

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